Weekly Ministry Update – 15/11/13

There is never a typical week where Real Hope is concerned, the only thing that is certain is that there are always surprises, people to pray for and reasons to praise God. This week was no exception….

On Wednesday night we had approximately 70 guests through the door, we clothed around 20 people and thankfully managed to get 1 person into emergency accommodation and off the streets for the night.

The street team were only out for a short time on Wednesday evening. They did however come across a woman who has returned to prostitution in order to earn money for herself and her boyfriend who has just been released from prison.

Earlier this morning the street team went out again and came across another woman who is stuck in a cycle of prostitution in order to fund her long term addictions.

To keep Real Hope being an effective and powerful ministry for God we need your help even if its something as simple as praying. Have a look at our “Help Us” page to see what you can do to help people free from a life of darkness.

From all of us here at Real Hope we hope you have a great weekend.