Wednesday Night Meal and Outreach 22/01/14

We thank God for the Blessings He has bestowed on us and we are thankful for your support and prayers… Keep them coming folks.
We had a blessed time tonight, we prayed to the Lord for the people who came in and for ourselves.  We had 63 of our beloved brothers and sisters in tonight.  That is 63 people who were fed and loved, we gave out 75 items of clothing as well to those in need.  The doctors were at hand and they saw 10 people as well,  praise God that those people who came for a meal got seen by a G.P as well,  amazing!  Horton Housing were catching up with people and we also had a woman (who heard about our work) who came down and donated food and blankets for dogs as there are people on the streets who have dogs as companions.  We are always grateful for the Lords provision for His ministry that we do in His name, sometimes you can’t have vision without provision and our Lord has always been faithful and we give thanks for that.
There was a situation which involved some of our beloved brothers and sisters who are in pain but God was faithful and love was shown to them.
There was a film producer there as well who is wanting to do a film about homelessness in Bradford, we allowed him to ask for people who wanted to share their life stories with him.  Our brothers and sisters were happy to help him and that was touching.  Homelessness always needs to be highlighted as it is a constant issue and our brothers and sisters that are homeless are still that…. OUR BELOVED BROTHERS AND SISTERS.
We had Hope for Justice there again tonight that deals with human trafficking, they are a real blessing and great to talk to.
It was pretty busy tonight, there were people there that are in pain, but they were shown love.  The shortest verse in the Bible is “Jesus Wept” (John 11:35).  If you read the whole paragraph He was weeping because the people around him were in pain due to the death of Lazarus and he himself was grieving.  Same thing is happening today,  Jesus is in the midst of the people in pain and they are suffering and he is weeping because He feels the pain of those He loves.
The outreach afterwards was a blessed time as well.  1 member of our team spoke to 2 of our beloved sisters who was out there, it was dark, it was cold, but Jesus declared “I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness” (John 12:46).  So please continue to pray that our beloved brothers and sisters come to know Christ as the Lord and savior of their lives. We may not always see the work taking place by His hand, but prayers are being answered, miracles are happening or about to happen.  He is busy.
Please pray for protection for our brothers and sisters (as well as for ourselves), and that the words they heard, the conversations that took place and the love that was shown would change their hearts and lead them to Christ.
God bless you all.
Real Hope