Wayne’s Story

Wayne started off as one of the guests at Real Hope and now after make a decision to invite Jesus into his life he is now one of our volunteers. On Sunday 26th January 2014 at Sunbridge Road Mission Wayne was baptised and before doing so he gave the following powerful testimony about what God has doing with his life. We are very proud of Wayne and love having him on board and praise God for him.


Hi my name is Wayne. I’ll tell you a little about myself and how I became a Christian.

My parents split up when I was young and it made me feel confused and lonely. I really enjoyed school and was doing well but after my sister was murdered when I was 11 years old I lost all hope and confidence. My life growing up was very difficult.

When I was younger, sometimes I went to church with my brother. I didn’t understand much but I enjoyed going.

I started coming to Real Hope at Sunbridge Road Mission about a year and half ago. My children started going to church with their foster parents and that made me interested in finding out more about church. I started asking questions to the helpers at Real Hope to find out more.

One week I asked one of the helpers to tell me what it means to be a Christian. He took me aside and explained lots to me. When he told me about the gospel I felt like I wanted to invite Jesus in to my life. When I heard about Jesus dying on a cross for me I felt like it should be me on the cross not Jesus, because I’ve made lots of mistakes. When I heard about being forgiven and made clean I just wanted more and more of God to keep coming into my life.

We met on Wednesdays to keep talking about what it means to be a Christian. One week he asked me to pray out loud and I asked God to look after my children, I asked God to forgive me, I asked Him to help me live a different life.

I have started coming to church every Sunday and talking to lots of people at church. I have started helping people at Real Hope. Before I didn’t really think much about helping other people but now I really like to care for people. I feel loved and accepted at church and it makes me want to do the same.

I want to be baptised because I want my sins to be washed away and I want people to see that I have become a Christian.


Photos by Geoffrey Shackleton