Real Hope – What Actually Happens on a Wednesday Evening?

To launch our new website (thanks to Maft for the webspace and and domain name) and our first blog posting we thought that you may like to see what actually happens on a Wednesday Evening at Real Hope. Below is a photo story of what happens on a typical evening from start to finish.

If what you see interests you and you feel that you might want to help out at Real Hope in anyway then please get in touch.

From 16:00 a small team arrives to start preparing a hot cooked meal to feed up to 80 heads. The food rotates from week to weekand includes shepherds pie, tuna pasta bake, sausages mash and gravy, turkey curry, and pasta bolognese.


A bit later in the afternoon another small team of volunteers arrive and get to work in another kitchen. They cut the bread and mix the juice that goes on the tables.


They also prepare for the tea, coffee and cakes that will be provided later in the evening.


From 18:00 the rest of the volunteers begin to arrive and shortly before the doors are opened there is a team briefing and an open time of prayer.


At 18:30 the doors are opened and the small crowd that has gathered outside start to stream in and are welcomed by the door staff who take the guests name. As you can see by the end of the night the page starts to get very full.


Real Hope has a lively yet welcoming atmosphere and guests can just sit and relax or chat to volunteers at the tables and around the room.


At Real Hope we also offer a free clothing service, when people come in they speak to someone on the clothing team and request what they need. Each week we hand out between 30 to 40 lots of clothes and sometimes run low on certain kinds of clothing, to see what we are currently in need of please refer to the “Help Us” section of the site.


The orders are taken away and given to the clothing team to be prepared.


The clothing team select the requested size and article of clothing from what they have in stock and put them into bags.



Just before 19:00 the speaker for the evening gets up to the front to give a gospel message or share their testimony to the attentive guests. This is the most important part of the evening and the only spiritual input that some of the guests will receive. The speaker finishes off by praying for the food.



At 19:00 the food is brought out and the guests queue up to be served by the team of cooks.


As the guests tuck into their meals the bags of clothing that have been requested are brought down ready to be collected.



When they have finished eating the guests start to collect their clothing.


Once the queue for food has finished and most people are sat down eating, pudding is brought out to the tables and tea and coffee is served.


When the first lot of guests are finishing off and chatting to the volunteers and to one another the kitchen teams start to wash up.


As most of the guests start to leave the rest of the volunteers start to pack away and tidy up


Once the tidying up has been done and the last guests have left…..


….The team end the night with a debrief and pray for those that they have spoken to that evening


So now you have seen what we do why not come along and be a part of it yourself, its not as daunting as you may think and we can always ease you in gently. We look forward to hearing from you.