Real Hope Wednesday Night 12/03/14

Greetings and blessings to you all.
We prayed the night in and gave thanks to our Lord before we opened the doors for our beloved friends.
We had 86 of our beloved friends in tonight, that’s 86 people who were fed, loved and prayed for.  We had our doctor and nurse team from Bevan Health care who saw 5 people, It is always a blessing to have them with us to see our beloved friends.
We also had Horton Housing there for those in need of accommodation, and Hope Housing came to assist those in need, that was 2 housing associations there to see our beloved friends who would otherwise be sleeping rough.  God bless them for what they do.
We also gave out over 100 items of clothing for our beloved friends.  They are always grateful for the clothing and it is (and always has been) a much needed and appreciated part of our service, thank you for all the donations.
One of our volunteers gave the message and spoke about how we are all sinners saved by Grace that is found in Jesus.  There was silence as he was speaking and afterwards our friends left with food in their stomaches along with other needs such as:  places to sleep, items of clothing and/or advice from the G.P team.  Jesus spoke that when we feed the hungry, invite in the stranger, tend to the sick and visit the prisoners we do it also to Him (Matthew 25:35-40).  It was a peaceful and loving night, we cleaned around and prayed the night out before some of our team went out to the streets to pray for the streets and those who are in it.
We walked and prayed around the streets and we saw a woman we have never seen before, so we introduced ourselves and told her we are from the church.  After our short yet meaningful conversation she left and we asked her to “keep safe”, we then prayed for her and carried on praying for the people who are on those streets trapped by addiction, homelessness, poverty or any other struggles that can capture any one of us.
Please keep this woman and many others in your prayers, pray for peace for those streets, for the love of Jesus to manifest itself and to continue to change lives.
We thank you all for your continued support, prayers, donations and interest in what God is doing through us.
God bless you all.
Real Hope