REAL HOPE Wednesday night 05/03/14.


Greetings and blessings to you all.

The Lord still continues to bless us and we are praise His name on high.

We prayed the night in and opened up for our beloved friends, they came in and got comfortable, we had the doctor and nurse from Bevan House come over and they were busy all night with people from start to finish.

One of our sisters in Christ Rachael shared a beautiful message of understanding Jesus’s love for us and we finished with another sister in Christ Victory singing “Amazing Grace”, then it happened…. A real move of the spirit … Our beloved friends started singing with her.  A room full of people suffering from homelessness, addiction, poverty mental health issues all singing Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me.  It was beautiful, we were moved and we really felt the Holy spirit, Praise God for His Amazing Grace.

After the message finished some of our beloved guests were challenged by the message, some of whom were angry at God which gave us great opportunity to minister to them. When we share the Gospel We will always get a reaction either good or bad. We had great conversations and at the end before we prayed the night out we were happy to realize that we gave out 100 items of clothing for our beloved friends, and we had 86 people in, that was 86 of our beloved friends who were loved and fed and prayed for. Please keep these people in your hearts and prayers these are the people that Jesus spent time with and loved and healed.

Please pray that more and more of these beautiful people decide to follow Christ.

Pray as well for us, that we stay strong and faithful.

We thank you all for your continued support, prayers, donations and interest in what God is doing through us.

God bless you all.

Real Hope