REAL HOPE – Wednesday Evening – 12 February 2014


Greetings to you all from Real Hope.
Once again we had blessed night on Wednesday. However, it was raining and extremely windy outside so we let our beloved friends in early.
As we all sat down in the warmth and heard the cold wind outside, it was easy to remember what was written about Jesus calming the storm (Mark 4:35-41) and that it wasn’t the storm that got Jesus’s attention, it was His disciples’ call for help.
Again, we had Bevan Healthcare with us and they cared for 7 people throughout the night. We are so thankful for the support that they give to our beloved brothers and sisters. Also, Father Leo from the St Pio Friary visited us for the evening and ministered to many people who were there.
A new member of our team delivered the message and spoke about how we can all feel ok when we are around other people and in public places and how we tell other people that we are ok. But once we are alone, that is when we feel weak and lonely and that is the time when we realize we need Jesus in our lives. We need our Lord and Savior to save us from ourselves, from loneliness and from our addictions. While he was speaking about this truth the room was silent and the only voice we could hear was that of the speaker.
After the talk there were people who wanted prayer and some people had questions. There was still the roaring of the cold wind outside but the love that was felt on the inside was far greater. Our beloved brothers and sisters are all wonderful, God bless them.
Afterwards, we prayed the night out and gave thanks to our Lord for the evening. A few of us then went out onto the windy streets to talk to people. We saw one of our beloved sisters and went to talk to her. She was shown our love and we gave her some hot chocolate to warm her up. We walked around and prayed for the streets and for those who are lost within them. We briefly spoke to 2 more of our sisters and then headed back.

Thank you all for your continued support and your prayers.
Yours in Christ

Real Hope