Real Hope Update: Christmas Meal. 18.12.13

We continue to give thanks for God for His faithfulness and for all your support and interest in this work.

Tonights Christmas meal was blessed in so many ways, firstly we had help from the nice people at Co-op who were kind enough to provide the meal. It was a typical Christmas meal and a pudding and we fed, gave clothing to and showed love to a large number of people. Our friends from the Co-op not only provided the food but they gave us a kind donation and they also helped get the clothing, served the food and they got alongside and spoke to our beloved guests. We had someone who gave a message out which focused on how hard Christmas time can be for some of them but all they need is Christ, we invited them to come to our church on Christmas day to get along side us and to seek after the Lord.

After the speaker finished an emotional person spoke about how it is their first Christmas without a relative, the speaker spoke to them and prayed with them. Our beloved guests spoke to the co op team as well as us. Hope Housing came to help someone in need as well, It is also a blessing to have them.

After the night had finished we cleaned around, thanked the co op, gave thanks to our Lord and invited the co op back whenever they wished.

So that was our night, please keep the following in your prayers:

1, Inn churches at Sunbridge road Mission over the Christmas season where we are open for people to sleep for the night, for safety for the team and for provision for our beloved guests to be met.

2, For our beloved guests to be kept safe, that they would come to church events, that God will meet them that they would seek after Him and that individual prayers will be answered.

3, Sunbridge Road Mission will be a beacon of light for anyone who is seeking peace. We are based in a part of the city where addiction and suffering is high. We have a sign on our church saying “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest” (Matt 11.28).

4, Pray for the kind donations to keep coming and for our provisions to be met.

5, And also give thanks to our Lord for all He has done, we couldn’t have done this without Him in our lives.

Thank you all for your kind support and your continued interest in this ministry.

May God bless you all over this Christmas period.

Real Hope