Real Hope and Outreach Wednesday Evening 4/12/13

Greetings all.

Firstly we are thankful to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for his hand upon our ministry.

As Christmas time is approaching we do get a bit busier and it is a blessing that there are many people that come to us, but it is also heartbreaking that there are so many people in the darkness of poverty, addiction, loneliness However by the Grace of God the evening was peaceful .

We had Adrian playing a few songs that he wrote which were relevant to the festive season some listened and some did not but the message was sung by him and played through his guitar.  Afterwards and before we gave thanks for the food we extended the invitation to them to come to Church over the Christmas season and experience a Christmas with fellowship and love rather than poverty and loneliness. Some good conversations happened that night and peoples needs were met.

Afterwards we prayed the night out and 2 members of our team went out to pray for the streets and to speak to anyone they encountered.  not one minute after they set off they spoke to a guy who was walking around the streets to occupy his mind as he was trying to avoid going to buy alcohol.  He spoke to them about his cravings only to find that both of them had been through the same troubles with alcohol as he had.  They had a nice conversation and they took him for burger and chips.  Afterwards they prayed for him and saw 2 working girls that they knew, they went and spoke to them to see if they were ok.  One girl had cold hands so one member of the team gave her his own gloves.  The conversation was short but they were given hope by the advice given, the conversation itself and the prayer afterwards.

Please keep these people and ourselves in your prayers.  We thank you all for your prayers, support and donations.

God Bless you all.

Real Hope.