The Future of Real Hope….

We urgently need your prayers for the future of Real Hope! We have recently put in a bid for funding for the renovation of a building and its running costs dedicated to the work of Real Hope. The running costs would including being able to keep employing Bruce our only paid worker. He has had a massive impact on the ministry but as it stand his funding is due to end soon. The grant we have applied for is for a substantial amount but we know that with God all things are possible.

So please pray for us and the future of this ministry and please pass this on to your friends so they can be praying for us too.

To find out more about Bruce and how God has been using him and also about the new building please see below for an extended update.


Our Present Situation – a testament of Gods goodness!

Meet Bruce, he used to be in the place where many of our guests currently are….


Bruce speaking at Real Hope


Through Gods transforming power Bruce now leads Real Hope and is employed by Sunbridge Road Mission (SRM) to spearhead the work that Real Hope does among the lost and needy in Bradford.

Bruce not only leads Real Hope on a Wednesday evening but as part of his work he has been making a strong impact on how we reach those in need. In the last few months since being employed he has started the street teams, he visits people one to one to see how he can help them further and has started a bible study especially for those that have come through Real Hope.

God has really been using Bruce and has been working through him, two of the people that Bruce has been meeting with have now made a decision to follow Christ and will be getting baptised at SRM in the near future.


The Building We Want to Renovate

As part of the bigger overall vision for SRM we have currently acquired new land in the area and on this land there is an existing building. This is the building that we are looking to renovate and use for the specific use of Real Hope and possibly expand the outreach from that point on. From here we would be able to reach more people on a Wednesday evening, we are often over run and helpers have to give up their seats for guests to sit down. With no helpers on the table conversations about that the gospel are much more difficult. A dedicated building would also allow us to do expand the work we do and look at offering other services based from the new building. It is a very exciting time for us and we would ask that you stand with us in prayer on this journey especially for the funding for the building and for Bruce.

The images below are of the building that we are looking to renovate, the building is highlighted in bright green.

To find out how the plans fit in with the larger overall vision of Sunbridge Road Mission why not have a look at the short video that was shot earlier in the year.



Finally, from all of us here at Real Hope, thanks for taking time to read this post, please share it with your friends and your church and ask them to pray also.