Free food for those in need – a meal with a difference.

Every Wednesday evening from 18:30, guests who attend Real Hope receive a free hot meal accompanied by bread and butter and then followed by a buns, cake and tea or coffee.

Real Hope has grown over the years and we see an average 60 but sometimes up to 80 people coming through the doors to be fed and each week we provide 30 to 40 lots of clothing for those that need it.

Our guests come from a wide variety of backgrounds and face a number complex issues. Below are a just a few examples of why people come to Real Hope or the issues they are battling:

  • Homelessness
  • Addicted to drugs / alcohol
  • Sex worker
  • Mental health issues
  • Learning difficulties
  • Immigrants who cant find work
  • Financial difficulties
  • Loneliness

Real Hope is more than just another homeless free food project! Every table has at least one volunteer sat among the guests with the aim of showing love and support to people that are often hurting and just need someone to listen.

During the evening someone will speak and present a gospel message or a testimony about how God has transformed their life.

All the volunteers are Christians and once the evenings message has been given its a chance for them to discuss what has been said with the guests and often to pray with the guests.

Real Hope is also able to signpost its guests to other services that can benefit them such as counselling and rehab agencies. We also have a service where guests can request items of clothing that they may be short of.

We regularly have workers from Horton Housing present to offer advice to those who are homeless and in urgent cases offer emergency accommodation via charities such as Hope Housing and Inn Churches during the winter months.

To see what happens on a Wednesday evening  have a look at our blog where you will find a photo story of what happens on a typical night. You can see it here.